Kevin Chisholm


Kevin Chisholm


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A broadly experienced engineer in the fields of facilities management, design and operation of highly efficient heating and cooling systems, and municipal engineering.   Mr. Chisholm draws from his experience of about 40 years working that includes municipal government and Federal consulting.  In more recent years, he has served with senior staff at a large facilities management organization where his versatility was put to use in increasing the reliable operations of critical facilities and reducing costs and resources used in managing buildings.  He provides strategic planning advice to organizations that are looking to do long-term planning and minimizing operational costs while maximizing the longevity of their buildings.  Mr. Chisholm also has knowledge and experience in district energy systems, geothermal systems, water source heat pumps, and stays informed on the latest advances in efficient and renewable technologies.   Mr. Chisholm also provides commissioning services and expertise in construction disputes.

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