High Rise Retrofit Virtual Event Tour

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High Rise Retrofit Virtual Event Tour

South East Chapter

April 23, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

Join our conversation with Tim Blanch (AKA Mr. Fresh Air), creator and director of engineering at 1441 L Street NW. This 1968 building went through full renovation in 2019. Come learn about the innovative and creative methods used to bring this building’s energy usage intensity below levels that rival brand new buildings. This includes 100% outdoor air, ERV systems, airflow measuring dampers, chilled beams, onsite solar, and real time energy monitoring.

Tim Blanch is a registered mechanical engineer who performs a form of design-build as a developer in Washington, D.C. Tim selects systems and purchases equipment directly from manufacturers which gives him a unique relationship with industry leaders in HVAC. Tim has recently opened an all-new 211,000 SF office building that uses 100% outdoor air (no recirculated air) and achieves a better than net-zero efficient efficiency. He can be reached at tblanch@scherman.net

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